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Read the docs

Our detailed documentation covers supported apps on Android, iOS and PureOS. It also includes generic details for any compatible app on any operating system, desktop or mobile.

Frequently asked questions. Comprehensive answers to everyday and advanced questions.

Follow Librem One news and related posts on the Purism blog.

Community support

To help other Librem One users and get advice from the community, try our community forum or join the community support chatroom at (requires Librem Chat or a compatible Matrix client).

Customer support

If you are having trouble with your account, please read the detailed documentation first (see above). If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or the instructions don’t work:

  • Note the steps to reproduce the problem
  • Include relevant details, like your operating system or order number
  • Take a screenshot (optional)
  • Email from your Librem One or recovery address
  • Do not include your passphrase or any sensitive data

If you have other feedback or a query not directly related to Librem One, please use the right address and follow our email guidelines to avoid delays.


If you have programming, documentation, translation or other skills, you can contribute at

We also include links for volunteering with upstream projects.